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Lusahn is known for breeding and showing quality dogs and never been satisfied with second best. With this “all or nothing “ approach we fed a high premium dog food as we believe that what you put in is what you get out.

With the price we paid to have a super premium food available and we also have 26 canine friends that each had a different feeding requirement. It became a nightmare to cater for each and everyone’s dietary needs.

We also believe in the principal “ KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid? and with this background we went researching if we can produce a dog food that caters for “all? requirements or at least find the best middle of the road high quality solution.

We accumulated all the requirements from our canine friends and took these requirements to a leading research team. They researched and developed what we believe is a solution for our Lusahn dogs and for everyone who wants to feed a high quality at a reasonable price.

For us at Lusahn it means: No more special diets as we cater and support the old, the young, the sensitive tummy, the growth , a more relax dog, all omegas, big or small with a simple selection of Lusahn Pet Food range.

It was this quality we needed at an affordable price!

The Range, Lusahn Adult (>1 Year) or Lusahn Puppy (0-12 months) available in 8/20kg bags in one medium size biscuit only.

Lusahn Pet Food

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Business Opportunity with a difference, cause we are different and successful….

Lusahn Pet Products is offering other areas the opportunity to Co-Manufacture and Distribute our new High Quality Dog Food with us. Become part of the family and be proud to be associated with Lusahn.

With confidence in our product’s quality and with a proven taste both dogs and owners love the food.

We have grown to 48 tons in just 4 months in the Cape area and we want to share this opportunity with you.

This “you? must have the energy and love for animals as we do ( we call it passion).

We are unique in offering you the opportunity to purchase Lusahn @ a 10% upliftment from the factory floor, supported by Lusahn allowing you to be successful on your own in your area.

Our Quality brand sells itself and is aimed at the market that wants to feed a high quality ( super ) food at an affordable price. Products are manufactured in an export approved extruder plant.

You can distribute to Pet, Vet – shops , Breeders and even private person with a direct to market strategy allowing all the margins up to 47% directly in your pocket. All this is supported by a professional squad, a website ( http://www.lusahn.co.za ), a Very Special Pricing Structure, loads of Intellectual Property, etc.

Dog Lovers want an affordable, all in one food, with quality fit for champions, used by breeders and pet hotels. All this need to be available at an affordable price to be a winner!!!

Packaged in a durable foil with that hygienic look and feel to support the goodness inside. Dogs LUV it!!

Hypo Anti-Allergic with most grains removed ( zero Fish or Soya Meal). Loaded with all the Omega Oils, Joint care, Prebiotics and all natural preservatives to be a natural food. Lusahn have natural nutrients to support skin, coat, eye care, etc. Vets has made comments like “ something special?.

Interested : Johan - 0823786827 / 022 485 7310
E-Mail : E-Mail us Now

We are in Bloemfontein from 26-30 August 2010 if you want to meet us.

Senior Dogs

  • Intestinal support, eye care, joint support

  • Support Healthier teeth

  • High Digestibility for tummy health.

The Puppy mixture

  • Maximum development with all required nutrients supporting the growth

  • Support maximum bone and skeleton development

  • Pre-biotics added to help the tummy settle and stabilize

  • With all the above to make your puppy your own champion.


  • Healthy for the new mother with all required nutrients.

  • Enhances a calmer mother.

  • Support Milk Production and Fertility.

  • A Well balance all in one food – developed and fed by professional breeders

  • Balanced with Selenium, Calcium, Omegas ….. etc


  • One food with intestinal support to support prevention of diarrhea with pre-biotics/High Digestibility

  • Affordable yet the quality expected to be fed to canine friends

  • One Food for young to small, old to big

  • Excellent digestibility with high protein levels and all nutrients required

  • It taste great

Show Dogs

  • Shining with health – well balanced

  • Food quality good enough to support No1 – never be satisfied with second best

  • Balanced with all Nutrients – developed by experts and fed by professionals

  • A calmer canine

Below is the list of requirements from pet owners, kennels, breeding and show dog owners that we tried to support in our Lusahn Food.

  • One size biscuit / pellet for all - no more small-medium-large.

  • High Quality and affordable.

  • Always available with stability of quality.

  • To support and be fed as a healthy and well balance diet.

  • Avoid MSG, Fishmeal, Soya etc.

  • weeeeeeeeee


  • Adult or Puppy in 8 or 20kg in high quality bags.

  • Food caters for maximum requisites like an “ALL IN ONE?.

  • Please not to heavy and give us a handle for carrying the bag


  • Support a healthy canine friend with shining coat and healthy skin.

  • Intestinal Support, Teeth and Eye support.

  • Excellent digestibility

  • Must taste Great.

  • The Vet prescribes High Digestibility

  • Enhance shedding ,and a calmer dog,

The company to support

  • Professional with Integrity, Open and Honesty, Loyal

  • Makes you part of a family

  • Always available at highest quality yet affordable

  • Believe in “Never be satisfied with second Best?

  • Develop by breeders and research teams fed by professionals.

  • Show dogs can raised and fed exclusively on Lusahn.

  • Somebody we can contact and get a “family? member to support us.

Adult Packaging

Lusahn Dog Food Lusahn Dog Food

Puppy Packaging

Lusahn Dog Food Lusahn Dog Food

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