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 ( no way, José)

  • Looking back, how did we achieve this?
  • First, one has to overcome the fear of putting two together - we have a modernised breed, come on …
  • Have the right bloodline carefully selected for an even temperament…
  • A real passion love for your breed.
  • Knowledge of your breed.
  • Careful selection for breeding - ancestors known for temperament etc.
  • There is a difference between a dog with spirit and a street fighter…
  • A pack (more that 3) needs a leader that is fair, respected, and in total control.   A leader never has to fight, or be the strongest in order to be respected.   A leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of the group.   Thus, know the personality of each dog, and when introducing a new youngster choose those that will allow some ‘pestering’. Avoid those with a’ space’ problem.
  • Breed for temperament, then temperament…
The Netherlands bloodline … vs SA
We have imported 10 bullies as we believe the line we have selected is an excellent example of the gladiator, yet simultaneously are huge ‘laid back’ coach potatoes.    Our SA breed has been too utilized as watch dogs etc.; and we are of the opinion that it is bred into certain lines that have an aggressive tendency towards smaller dogs etc….      We wanted dogs that could easily be socialized, show character yet be an outstanding specimen in the show ring. Further, the whole line (ancestors) must have this characteristic to ensure that it is a dominant gene in the bloodline.
All our dogs are carefully selected, and each and everyone has the same dog as grandfather, yet has been out-crossed to selected lines with the equivalent characteristic allowing us to line breed an even tempered dog.
Nothing makes us more proud than being on a beach, and after a while our bullies intermingle between human and canine friends, and are accepted as dogs not fighters. 
We (Johan, Stephenette and two human children age 12 & 14) started with two imported Bullies 10 years ago. Right from the start we established the ground rules with these two, and from thereon we introduced more and more into the pack. The new ones just accepted the ways of the others. We even have a small Maltese (male, turning sixteen in March) that roams between the bullies - and yes he is the boss. He shares the Lusahn madhouse with 4 bully dogs and 9 bully bitches. See www.lusahn.co.za.
We breed for temperament first, and we believe that our group that roams together is proof of this.
For any terrier breed to exist in the modern world we need to breed for temperament first (human and canine friendliness). During our 10 years we have never had a serious scrap that could not be stopped with our voice. We never hurt them to accomplish control.   It’s sickening to see people slapping, choking their bully friends with leashes etc., even next to the show ring. It always makes me wonder how they are treated at home.   Thus the saying that you can never own a terrier just be the proud caretaker of one.    We agreed that once we have to’ imprison’ our bullies for breeding only we will stop as then it becomes a money making game only with no respect or dearness for the intelligent animal at stake. It is incredible how loyal a canine stays even when mistreated.           
We at Lusahn are very proud of our Bullies’ achievements, and all their pedigrees have a common ancestor (Quest Thunderstruck - still alive and healthy at 13 years). We believe he carries his temperament as a dominant gene in his offspring. We feel it is 40% the breed and then what you make of it - we will produce the 40% in each offspring as a goal, then coach and empower the selected puppy owner to do the rest. As we always tell new puppy owners - please set the rules from day one - the puppy is either on or off the couch. Food is fed at a certain place, this will be your kennel and/or blankie, never change rules, we are available 24/7 etc….
Our basic rules at home are:
  • You may pet all in the group, but avoid funny voices or sounds as then all will clamour for attention.   We tend to put our dogs away when visitors arrive, as people/strangers are inclined to pet the first one and then the rest get all excited and don't know when to stop.
  • Choose a line with a laid back temperament - so important as we all know temperament can be inherited.
  • Food time - always separate them. When snacks are provided all share.    Ours sit and wait till his/her name is called.   Never throw piece of wors on the ground as the group will gun for it causing unnecessary friction/ competition.
  • Choose strong names like Billy, Flip, etc. as we control the pack with names – short and strong, using a deep voice.   High pitched noises only excite them.
  • Young children tend to fall to the ground and make noises - at all times to be avoided - when the pack is together always maintain a calm atmosphere etc.
  • I have pigeons that walk between the dogs on the ground never even causing an eyebrow to be raised, but the moment one is hurt and flaps its wings a dog will storm and take it apart
  • Never leave the pack unattended - you don't have to watch them all the time, but be around - listen when little wrestles can become irritating and playful growling becomes an aggravated one.
  • Be especially on the lookout when males reach the age of about 9/10 months - they want to establish themselves in the hierarchy - when you are around, and being the leader, tell him/her very loudly, with a deep voice that this is not acceptable.   There is place for one leader only.
  • We allow no aggressive growling - a growl or misbehaviour will cost you some solo time in your kennel with not even a kind eye from the leader.
  • Allow them to create their own space - know when a growl is playful and when they are agitated….      They are allowed to play with the teeth…..
  • Small/young ones are introduced very early and normally into a pack of 3-4, this way there are too many to irritate, and not one is taken over the edge.
  • Always let them sleep in the same place with their own blankies etc. - they must have something to identify themselves with.
  • Know their fears, know what excites them - in short know your dogs.   Some of mine are mad about a running hose pipe – allow play with one or two but avoid the pack.
  • We sell to approved new owners and accept them as a Lusahn family extension.    We coach them.
  • We never sell over the telephone line….
  • Choose your puppies that stay behind correctly - a loner will never work and will need too much individual attention. We believe the happy alive little spirit that is always looking for playmates is the one for a group - it’s like humans.
  • Think logically all the time - and believe in what you are doing….   We only kennel bullies we have bred and’ till today all visitors that are introduced into the pack, under supervision, have never raised a problem.
  • Rules are rules - it never changes…. 
We are not experts, but for any queries phone us on 022 485 7310.
And you are welcome to visit us - just phone and say you are on your way. No need to make an appointment - as proud caretakers our house incl. kennels is always tip top and we are PROUD PROUD to share our opinions and friends etc. …
Maybe this is where it started …
Believe in yourself as leaders and the rest will follow happily if respected …
We have noticed the trend towards the more modernized kennel is gradually being adopted by several breeders – such as the Lorderon Kennels and Zingora Kennels.
Happy Christmas ( Jinglebulls ) and see you in the show rings ..


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